What to do after root canal treatment

  • Congratulations! By saving your tooth with root canal treatment, you have made a significant step towards better oral health. This guide is intended to answer questions you may have about the post-operative period and to give you info on how to preserve the health of your tooth following root canal treatment.
  • Eat soft foods that require minimal chewing and nothing hot that might burn your mouth. As soon as the anesthetic wears off you may eat normally. Do not chew on the treated tooth until you have had it restored by your dentist.
  • If you have received pre-medication for sedation go home and get plenty of rest.
  • Expect some soreness in your gums and jaw from the injections and from your mouth staying open for an extended period of time.
  • Pain Control:
    • If Ibuprofen was recommended/ dispensed and you feel the need for a little more pain control, you may alternate it with Tylenol in the manner below.


      12:00 PM Ibuprofen 400 mg
      3:00 PM Tylenol 500 mg
      6:00 PM Ibuprofen 400 mg
      9:00 PM Tylenol 500 mg
    • If you feel the need for much more pain control, narcotic pain medication may be prescribed. If prescribed, please take with food and avoid alcohol and operating heavy machinery.
    • A hot/cold pack is not necessary. However, if you find it helpful there is no harm in using one.
    • If this does not remedy the pain please contact our office.
  • A tooth can still decay after a root canal treatment. Therefore, it is important to maintain proper oral hygiene with regular brushing and flossing.
  • If a crown is recommended, please contact your general dentist within one to two weeks. Avoid sticky candy or hard chewing on the root canal treated tooth until a permanent crown is placed.
  • In the case you feel the need to contact us before then please do so.

*** Emergency Contact #: 214-352-7668