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When you arrived at our office, was the front office staff friendly and professional?
Cuando usted ilego a nuestra oficina, fue el personal de reception amable y professional?
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Did you receive a text message about the appointment?
recibio un mensaje de texto. sobre su cita?
Did this help you remember?
Form Item 3
How would you rate the cleanliness of the office?
como calificaría la limpieza de nuestra officina?
Form Item 4
Do you feel the clinical staff (Doctors & Assistants) treated you with care?
siente que el personal clinico (medicos & asistentes) lo trataron. con cuidado?
Form Item 5
Do you feel like we value your time?
sientes que valoramos tu tiempo?
Form Item 6
Would you refer us to your friends or family?
nos recomendaría a sus amigos o familiares?