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Endodontists at Root Canal Dentists

Rita F

Rita F. Ne, DDS, MS

Leading North Texas Endodontist
Dr. Rita F. Ne owns Root Canal Dentists and manages a team of licensed general dentists with additional training in root canal therapy.
Robert White

Robert White, DDS, MS

Endodontist and Assistant Professor
Dr. Robert White monitors clinical compliance and provides additional training to our general dentists.
Smitha Uppaluri

Smitha Uppaluri, DDS

Treating Dentist
Dr. Smitha Uppaluri is a Graduate of Baylor College of Dentistry, Practicing at Root Canal Dentists for 13 years
Wilmarie Lopez

Wilmarie Lopez, DMD

Treating Dentist
University of Puerto Rico, School of Dental Medicine 2012, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, General Practice Residency 2017
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Our Doctors

During Evaluation and Treatment

Content Group

Educate patients and their family about the tooth and the root canal therapy recommended treatment


Ensure patients are relaxed to help to reduce anxiety


Maintain open and honest communication with patients and their referring dentists on diagnosis and treatment of the tooth


Provide a positive quality experience for the patients with our compassionate team of doctors and staff

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Our Highest Priority

Patient comfort

Provide the maximum level of comfort for our patients by offering

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Patient Education System
Patient Education System
Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)
Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)
Sedation Dentistry
Sedation Dentistry – oral and IV sedation
Extra comfort measures
Extra comfort measures – DVD players in ceiling mounted TV’s for maximum relaxation and blankets
Sterilization center
Sterilization center – state of the art sanitization techniques

Let's grow together

Employment Opportunities

Dentists: please send your CV to endo.dr.888@gmail.com

RDA and Front Desk: please print and fill out the application form and fax to 214-352-7670

What our customers are saying

Patient Stories!

We are eternally grateful to those patients who have been good enough to recommend us to friends, family, and colleagues.

Cassandra M
Keira G
Dallas, TX

Muchas gracias por hacer el tratamiento rápido y sin dolor

Melicia B
Dallas, TX

Thanks for taking care of me.  You really eased my fears.  Great service!

Rachel B
Dallas, TX

The doctor and staff made me feel very relaxed and I appreciate them keeping me informed through the whole process

Arrenia H
Dallas, TX

A mi hijo lo atendieron muy bien y me explicaron todo de manera que lo entendí

Roddi S
Dallas, TX

Super sweet and polite – which is something missing in most offices today

Alexi P
Dallas, TX

Todo el personal fue muy servicial y el Dr./la Dra. fue muy paciente

Cassandra M
Dallas, TX

I liked the way you worked with my children – very calm and patient

Paige B
Dallas, TX

Very informative, courteous and no pain